GPS Tracking allows you a sense of security and comfort that has never been possible before. As technology keeps progressing, we move closer and closer to a connected world where you can always keep track of your loved ones. From tracking your new teenage driver or elderly family member to make sure they are safe.

GPS trackers can be installed discreetly and send notifications of certain things like fast accelerations, harsh braking, and going over the speed limit. Making it easier to correct and turn your teenager into a better, safer driver.

Not only will you know they are driving safer but you can see where they are in real time. View each location in google street view and set alerts if they leave certain areas, or travel after certain set hours.


100% Web-based no software downloads and can be viewed from any iPhone, Android, Tablet or PC as long as you have access to the internet.

Real Time GPS locations 24/7/365

Turn by turn location updates

View stops, parked locations & durations in Satellite or Google Maps street view

Risky Driver Behavior Alerts (speeding, fast acceleration, harsh braking, engine idling)

Additional Text & Email Alerts (GPS Tracker has been removed, After hours driving, leaving certain areas.)

Vehicle maintenance alerts based on days or mileage driven.

Lifetime Support

Lifetime Warranty

No contract or cancellation fees

Discreet installations & Tamper proof

Frequently Asked Questions