J.F. Tennessee

These guys do a great job. The price is excellent, their web tools are powerful, fast and easy to use, and on the rare occasion I've had to contact support, they've had me fixed up in no time. I can't recommend them enough. We're running GPS trackers in about 20 vehicles and it's been worth every penny.

R.G. Non-Profit

Short answer DO IT, THEY HAVE ALL FEATURES AND BEST PRICE EASY TO USE AND INSTALL. Long answer... This company is bringing a platform and function rich solution to the marketplace that delivers at a fraction of the cost and a multiple when it comes to customer service and value received. I do not give out praise or recommend any service or company lightly it has to be proven and earned. OneStepGPS has earned and proven time after time. They are great to deal with. Hands down recommend. Adam is our rep truly amazing guy, competent, professional and great at customer service.

T.B. Sewer Service

The GPS trackers are working great, we already caught a guy go from a job site to his house two times in one day. He wasted over an hour of work time. I’d understand if he went home during lunch time, but not two times. And then he spent 45 minutes at a gas station. We just ordered units for the rest of our fleets.

T.N. Solar Installation

You're the best! Thank you.

M.E. Plumbing

I’m so glad to finally track company vehicles and stop unauthorized use. Last year, we had an employee drive one of our vehicles on a Sunday for personal use and get into an accident. The insurance company denied the claim because he was not driving to a work call. We had to eat the entire cost of the accident.


Your equipment works great, as expected, and reliable! So thank you, you definitely have a loyal customer out of us!

C.C. Delivery Service

OneStepGPS has been a godsend! I can monitor where my drivers are and for how long. I also have alerts for excessive acceleration and speeding which has cut down on my accidents. I would highly recommend it to any trucking company.

P.N. Non Emergency Medical Transport

We had six other companies on the plate and you guys slammed it! You are everything we wanted.

L.J. Medical Center

All is well! I am actually sampling the OneStep product in my vehicle, and the installation was SUPER easy! Not to mention the reporting is so easy to use! I really like the ease of this one!

D.B. Transportation

I liked your software features much more than the other systems I reviewed. It looks like you put extra work into the software.

S.B. Delivery Service

I have had the service for one month. So far we LOVE IT! It tells us exactly where our driver is and we can tell exactly where he has been, and what he has been doing. It has answered A LOT of unanswered questions to unnecessary overhead that we have had to pay out of OUR POCKETS! Before onestepgps, we have endured Personal expenses that belong to a driver that he has been pawning off on the company. Putting our business in dangerous situations, not knowing where the driver is, late deliveries with blame on truck breakdowns, you name it! All of this has been detected with this service! We are now able to nip it in the bud! The customer service so far has been very friendly and inviting. I have gotten response in 15 minutes or less through chat and even got called by phone with one guy while talking through chat with another guy :) They were on it! I hope this continues! Thank you!

LR Property Management

You are very good at what you do. I would not have signed up if you tried to give me a contract. Anything that sounds like a cell phone plan, and I am out! You are giving the customer control.

R.P. Contractor

I had to contact my support representative to go back a few days and look up some information on one of our vehicles. We had a customer dispute over time billed for on a particular job. My rep and I emailed back and forth several times narrowing down the exact time frame we needed. Adam was a great help with this and really helped our billing department out of a tight spot. The GPS trackers are instrumental in our business when you have multiple vehicles and jobs. Thanks again Adam.

D.K. Lawn Service

It is almost how scary the device works, it caught me speeding twice today already. I was in a hurry to get to the bank and I was talking to my foreman, and I said I should be getting an alert any second now. I just went over 65.

M.S. Non-Profit

I am pleased to tell you that the Management Team has selected One Step GPS as our vendor for GPS Tracking. Thank you for all of the information and taking the time to answer questions and share your demo. I will tell you that they were very impressed with the product and what it can do.

R.S. Water Delivery

Ok, I am canceling the other company as we speak, will call you soon.

J.A. Delivery

We are using Fleetmatics and are paying a lot with them. Not only do we not need all the features but we are paying a lot for stuff we don’t need.

J.G. Security Contractor

We are going to go with you guys, because you had the best deal out of everyone.

K.D. Business Owner

Having an instant clear picture of where your fleet vehicles are is like having a magic wand. Knowing your drivers actual driving habits while driving your corporate branded vehicle is such valuable information, so much better than waiting for a phone call from an angry motorist to find out about a driver out there ruining your company's image.

G.T. Landscaping

Thank you for the call, I did get lost in some things and did not respond. Jim is currently working on trying to get out of his contract with Fleetmatics. At this point it is looking like he may have to stay with them for another year. I have all of your information here and I will call you if something changes. I appreciate the level of your customer service. If Jim can move from Fleetmatics, your service speaks volumes in making his next choice for GPS. That is what he is lacking in the other company now as well as paying a hefty cost. Thank you again and I will be in touch!/p>

J.S. Delivery Dept

I am very happy with the service.

K.G. Contractors

We are a smaller company and spending a lot on something like this is not something we wanted to do. What we thought you guys are, is exactly what we were looking for and its true.

L.H. Plumbing

We are having so much fun with this service, we are definitely getting speeding alerts on 1 driver. I texted him and said we are watching you, slow down. He said he is not going 65 and the speedometer must be broken. That’s a new one isn’t it?

R.M. Concerned Parent

I just got this installed. The acceleration and hard braking alerts are fantastic. My daughter has been driving like an a****** for a year now, I should have installed this the first week I put her in a car.

J.B. Software Developer, Delivery Company

Nice and simple, you guys seem to be on the ball. Web portal is pretty sharp too. I appreciate the quick setup!

J.L. Tennesee

These guys do a great job. The price is excellent, their web tools are powerful, fast and easy to use, and on the rare occasion I've had to contact support, they've had me fixed up in no time. I can't recommend them enough. We're running GPS trackers in about 20 vehicles and it's been worth every penny.

C.T. Arizona

OneStepGPS.com has been very helpful in determining the product I needed and with technical support after the sale. These guys are on top of it. I highly recommend you call these guys for your fleet tracking needs.

T.P. Georgia

Great product! Outstanding customer service. A lot of value here. We have our entire fleet equipped and not only reliable but accurate.

L.J. Georgia

We absolutely love the OneStepGPS units that we have for our employees that travel. It has cut down on the number of hours spent on reporting, and the customer service is AMAZING! I cannot sing high enough praises for this group!

R.L. Mississippi

We've been with One step GPS for a while now and have been very satisfied. We only have 4 trucks in the field but having the trackers on them has made a huge difference in our companies efficiency. With a couple clicks of the mouse we can see every tech any time of day we need to and the optional capabilities such as hard braking, acceleration and speeding have really made our techs more aware of their driving habits. Adam and the team he works with are always available to any and all questions or to just help fine tune your specific application. We would definitely recommend this service to anyone in the service industry or that has multiple vehicle fleets that want to better manage costs.


They have been there and responded quickly to any issues that I have had! They also fix the problems without hesitation and stay positive. Excellent customer service!

I.C. Oregon

One Step GPS makes it so easy to track our fleet and dispatch a service call. I looked for months for the right GPS service for my company and I am so happy I found One Step! Customer service is great and the system is affordable. We continue to order more and more units for our vehicles. Thank you One Step!

D.M. Missouri

Quick Service by phone. Very down to earth. Very professional. Answered all my questions with any problems.

C.L. New York

Great service, great support, would refer to anyone who needs GPS to track there fleet!!

A.F. California

Quick response time. Accurate gps monitoring, great price, easy installation and setup, always able to contact a live represenative. I highly recommend and will be using for our future vehicles.

M.G. Kentucky

These trackers are very simple to install. They just work. The website is intuitive and very useful for our trucking operation. I like that we didn't have to purchase the trackers and that their is no contract. If you are looking to enhance your delivery services look no further, timely deliveries are key to our business and being able to know where your fleet is at a glance is immeasurably valuable.


Support is very helpful, definitely an upgrade from our previous system, at half the cost.


Very good product. Easy to use. Very cost effective, while still delivering great service.

R.F. California

The system is easy to install and use. Has been great for our business.

V.P. Solar Company

Adam was a tremendous help throughout the entire process from the initial setup to continuous questions we've had after the setup was complete. Very timely and efficient. Highly recommend their service.


The product is great and easy to use. Adam is very professional and knows their product inside out.


OneStepGPS.com has been very helpful in determining the product I needed and with technical support after the sale. These guys are on top of it. I highly recommend you call these guys for your fleet tracking needs.

M.O. Utah

I was looking to make a change to a new GPS company for our small fleet. OneStepGPS had great prices and customer service has been quick to respond to questions and works to add new features that others would charge much higher prices for.

C.P. Colorado

Great Product! Easy to use and very affordably priced. I use it to track my vehicle fleet, driver habits and vehicle maintenance. I highly recommend OneStepGPS.

P.M. Michigan

Great product and customer service. This product has helped our department maximize efficiency and day to day operations. We highly recommend onestepgps.com for your GPS needs.