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Real Time
No contracts
Free shipping
Easy installation
No equipment fees
2 to 60 second updating
100 day money back guarantee
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Real-time tracking

Access real-time GPS tracking 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 100% web based (desktop or mobile). No software required.

Fleet tracking updates stopwatch

2 to 60 second updating

Trackers are updated every 2 to 60 seconds while the vehicle is moving, providing turn-by-turn data accuracy.

GPS Tracking email alert

Text and email alerts

Receive text and email updates about unsafe driver behavior and after-hours or out-of-area usage.

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No contracts

No lock-in contracts or cancellation fees. 100-day full money back guarantee if you're not satisfied.

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Affordable solution

Only $13.95 a month, with a free device*

* Device must be returned at end of subscription term.

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Easy installation

Simply plug the tracker into the vehicle’s on-board diagnostics port, or wire it in, and you’re ready to go.

One Step GPS makes GPS tracking accessible to every business

Whether you have a fleet of two or two thousand vehicles, employees and your company vehicles are some of your business' biggest expenses, so it’s important to know where they are and how they're used.

With our GPS tracking solutions, you can follow along in real time, turn by turn to see where your vehicles are, if they are stopped, moving or idle, and how long they have been in a particular location. You can also view past travel history.

One Step GPS provides a reliable and affordable GPS fleet tracking solution to meet your needs. With our easy-to-use plug in or hardwired trackers, you can effectively monitor your fleet and drivers, manage inappropriate driving behavior, and reduce labor, insurance and vehicle repair costs – all for a low monthly cost and with no contracts.

Our real time tracking is 100% web-based, meaning you can access the data from a desktop or mobile device without needing to download any software.

By automating your fleet management with One Step GPS, you can save time, increase your employees’ productivity, enhance driver safety and provide better service to your customers.

Why use GPS fleet tracking?

With GPS fleet tracking, you no longer need to call drivers to find out where they are or worry if they are where they are supposed to be. You can easily provide evidence to a customer that a driver was actually there. Our web-based GPS tracking software allows you to easily follow your vehicles turn by turn, gauge how long they have stopped at a particular location, and view past travel history.

In addition, our GPS tracking technology enables you to monitor unsafe or inappropriate driving behavior, helping you to ensure your employees are safe and accidents are minimized. You can also set up email or text alerts to notify you if employees leave early, make unauthorized stops, take extended breaks or drive after work hours.

Why choose us?

One Step GPS is your reliable and affordable GPS tracking partner. We offer the latest GPS tracking technology at the best value.

Improve bad driving by eliminating harsh braking, fast acceleration, quick cornering and speeding.
Increase efficiency, reduce management and administrative hours. Improve productivity.
Reduce unauthorized driving, personal use, and side jobs.
Save money on insurance, reduce fuel costs and maintenance expenses.
Know exactly where your vehicles have been, every drive, stop, and route taken.
Improve dispatching, no more calling to find out where someone is.
Easily verify hours and reduce unneeded overtime.
Know where your drivers are in real time. Follow along turn by turn.
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  • Real-time tracking 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • View all vehicles on one screen
  • Google Maps, Satellite and Street views
  • Live traffic updates
  • See all routes, stops, addresses and durations for up to 3 years
  • Unsafe driving alerts (e.g. harsh braking, fast acceleration and speeding)
  • Excessive idling or prolonged stop alerts
  • Geo-fence and after hours driving alerts
  • Vehicle service reminders based on mileage
  • Fuel cost monitoring
  • Verify employee time cards, ensure proper billing and payroll
  • Custom reporting
  • 100% web based (desktop and mobile) – no software required
  • Unlimited users – control access levels
  • Lifetime technical and customer service support

The right solution for your business

With three different tracking options available, you'll easily find one to suit your specific requirements. All of our trackers are backed by our Lifetime Device Warranty.

Plug In GPS Tracker

Plug in GPS Tracker OBD-II unit for easy installation

The Plug In GPS Tracker can be installed in seconds and swapped from vehicle to vehicle easily. The small, wireless design makes this tracker our most popular product.

Learn more

Rugged Hardwired GPS Tracker

Durable Waterproof Hardwired GPS tracker for anit-theft and location tracking

Waterproof and durable, the Rugged Hardwired GPS Tracker is perfect for anti-theft and location tracking on vehicles, trailer, construction equipment and more.

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Custom Features Hardwired GPS Tracker

Custom Features Hardwired GPS Tracker

If you're looking for additional features, the Custom Features Hardwired GPS Tracker can include add-ons such as DriverID, Temperature Sensor, Power Take Off Monitoring, and Starter Disable.

Learn more

We're changing the industry

One Step GPS was founded on the need to provide an affordable, high-quality solution to GPS fleet tracking services, with no contracts, cancellation fees or equipment costs.

We are truly changing the industry by offering high quality GPS tracking with fantastic customer support, helping you thrive is our top priority. Most GPS and software companies view customer support as a waste of resources. They look for ways to automate it, outsource it, or charge extra for it. We think that’s very shortsighted.

We see amazing customer support as an essential part of standing behind our product. When it comes to being responsive and proactive, we strive to leave every other GPS Tracking company in the dust.

We believe that to earn your business and keep it, we have to provide a market-leading product. We source our products directly from the top manufacturer of GPS tracking devices in the USA. We’re so confident that you’ll love them that we offer a no risk 100-day money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied for any reason. Cancellations are so rare that we even cover shipping both ways. How’s that for confidence?

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We're here to help

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