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One Step GPS makes GPS tracking accessible to every business

One Step GPS makes it easy for you to effectively monitor your fleet and drivers, manage inappropriate driving behavior, and reduce insurance and vehicle repair costs.

With our easy-to-install GPS tracking technology, you no longer have to call drivers to find out where they are or worry about how to provide evidence to a customer that a driver was actually there. Our web-based software allows you to easily follow your vehicles turn by turn, gauge how long they have stopped in a particular location, and view past travel history.

  • Real-time tracking 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

    Access the real-time location of all your vehicles whenever you need to. You can easily see who is available and closest to a job site, allowing you to improve customer service with accurate estimated arrival times.

  • 100% web based (desktop and mobile)

    As long as you have an Internet connection, you can see where your vehicles are – no software required. You can also download our IPhone or Android apps.

  • Email and text alerts

    You can set up alerts to notify you if a vehicle is moving with the ignition off (being towed or stolen), leaving certain authorized work areas, entering and leaving a job site, or driving after hours or on the weekends. You can see all routes, stops, addresses and durations for up to three years.

  • Unsafe driving alerts

    Poor driving behavior can be a risk to safety, increase vehicle wear and tear, and impact your business’ reputation. You can easily set up alerts for speeding, fast accelerations, harsh braking or prolonged engine idling.

  • Vehicle service reminders

    Our maintenance schedules and triggered reminders help increase your vehicles’ longevity and reduce unnecessary service costs. Receive alerts regarding upcoming service items for each vehicle such as oil changes, tire rotations and fluid checks. Notifications can be set on odometer readings, time intervals or hours of service.

  • Fuel cost monitoring

    Our technology allows you to track fuel consumption, see the cost per mile, amount spent per trip or total cost per month. By tracking fuel consumption, you can identify and resolve discrepancies, such as driver behavior which may be increasing fuel consumption (for example, speeding, fast accelerations, engine idling and taking longer routes).

  • No contracts or hidden fees

    No lock-in contracts or cancellation fees. 30-day full money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied.

One Step GPS: Transforming the GPS tracking industry, one step at a time

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