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Asset Tracking

Affordable asset tracking solution

Trailers, heavy construction equipment, roadworks, mining & excavation equipment

Losing something is never fun - it wastes time, costs money to replace, and can cost you in lost work or customers. When you track your assets and equipment, it makes it far faster to recover them and much less expensive.

With One Step GPS you can track and protect all of your Construction equipment, trailers and assets in inventory. We offer fully customized and straight out of the box solutions for maximum visibility, effectiveness, security & recovery.

With an easy-to-use, interactive dashboard, custom alerts and mobile apps you can monitor equipment location, usage, unauthorized use and much more.

One Step GPS equipment tracking does more than give you peace of mind. It increases efficiency. Here are some of the benefits our trackers provide:

  • Resolve billing disputes with documented equipment location and use.
  • Eliminate searching for equipment by seeing exactly where it is.
  • Keep equipment running longer with maintenance schedules and reminders.
  • Reduce idle times and fuel consumption.
  • Keep track of employee start and end times.
  • Protect against theft and unauthorized use with after-hours use and geo-fence enter and exit alerts.
  • Recover lost or stolen equipment quickly by pinpointing exact location.


Rugged hardwired tracker

Great for equipment and trailers or anything else that has on board power or is connected to a vehicle frequently. It is a very small device, with very low power consumption, customizable reporting intervals and alerts. Additional functionality includes engine hours, PTO monitoring, Remote shut off.

Extended battery rugged tracker

A bigger more robust device than the Rugged tracker, this device also boasts a rugged, weatherproof design. Ideal for trailers and equipment that does not have power for extended periods of time. This tracker will last 3 months with one ping a day and has a rechargeable battery. Allows for custom reporting intervals, also includes engine hour monitoring, two PTOs and Remote shut off.

3-year battery only tracker.

A little smaller than a brick, it is great for non-power assets that typically do not move often.

Let us create an asset tracking solution tailored to you

Contact one of our knowledgeable and friendly staff to learn more about how One Step GPS can help you gain visibility, control operating costs and reduce losses from theft and damage.