Employee Productivity

When you use GPS tracking and your employees know you are watching, it reduces things like personal trips, spending extra time hanging out after finishing a service call, driving 25 minutes to their favorite lunch spot, spending 45 minutes eating and then putting 30 minutes for lunch on their time sheet.

Cut Fuel Costs

Beginning with the most obvious: fuel is one of the largest expenses in your business, this means that the more you can cut down on fuel consumption you increase your savings.

GPS tracking can help you cut costs in more than one way.

With GPS tracking you can shorten distances and travel times, find the closest tech to a customer, etc.

Another benefit of GPS tracking is in alerting you of fast accelerations, harsh braking, excessive speeds as well as several other fuel-wasting habits. By setting up notifications you can confront your major offenders and thus cut costs.

You’ll also know when a vehicle is used for unauthorized travel, taking longer routes or left idling.

Effective Dispatching

With GPS tracking, you can see where your vehicles are, how long they have been at a job site & who is closest to a job site. It allows you to have a better handle on things. A customer calls and asks how long until you get there. You can easily see who is close by, if they are available, or how long they have been at the current customer. With that information that was readily available at your figure tips you can see how much longer the job should take without having to call the tech and interrupting him. Once you have done that, you can text the driver and let him know the next job and tell the customer how long until you can get there.

If a customer calls for an update on how long until the person arrives you can just look at your screen and see if they are on their way without again having to call them.

All of this increases your ability to service your customers and make them pick you again the next time they need something.

Reduce Accidents & Insurance

Any business owner who uses safe driving policies will save money on insurance.

By using GPS tracking you gain visibility into once impossible key metrics. Driver behavior, bad habits, vehicle location, routes taken, hours and times driven.

Preventing bad driver habits, fatigued driving and after hours driving statistically reduces accidents, traffic violations, theft. And by reducing the amount of accidents or claims, you reduce the cost of your insurance premiums, deductible payments, law suits & workman’s comp claims.

Vehicle Maintenance

Another big cost in terms of out-of-pocket expenses. It costs money to keep your vehicles running. But it costs a lot more if regular services, oil changes and preventative maintenance is not done. Not only will you be looking at major costs for repairs, but it costs still more in downtime while in the shop.

Our GPS tracking software allows maintenance to be scheduled and triggered reminders ensure that maintenance happens at the right time. Notifications can be set on odometer readings, time intervals or hours of service. Users can receive alerts regarding upcoming service items for each vehicle.

Better Management of Overtime Pay

Do you pay overtime? Do your employees take the quickest route, spend more time at lunch than they report? Are where they are supposed to be?

You can pull reports and see history, see all stops, how long the employee spent at each stop and much more to help cut down on abuses.

Quicker Recovery of Stolen Vehicles & Tools

With GPS tracking, you can know if a vehicle is stolen, by setting certain alerts, if the vehicle is moving while the ignition is off or if the vehicle is moved after business hours. You can keep tabs on where the vehicle is moving and notify authorities. With turn by turn GPS tracking you can guide law enforcement to find your vehicle and apprehend the criminals.

With rapid recovery it reduces the chance of major loss.