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Fleet Safety - Easier Today Than Ever

Published on May 18th, 2023
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One of the top concerns we find our clients have is fleet safety. Losing a vehicle or having the aggravation of insurance claims from a traffic incident has to be one of the biggest ‘I hope it never happens’ worries for the professionals we work with. But let’s face it, your drivers may be very reliable, very safety conscious and still have things happen, because they are not the only drivers on the road. Factor in weather and other environmental hazards, like the devastating fires in California, and the obvious path to take is plan for the worst and then never have it happen.

Vehicle Fleet Tracking

The funny thing is that with GPS tracking it needn’t cost you much at all. Dedicated trackers are easy to install and once up and running make a wealth of information available to you. First and foremost is real-time tracking of your whole fleet. Whether on your business computer, tablet or phone you can see where everyone is at, all the time. But that’s just the start. With geofencing you can track arrivals and departures from any locations you set up. So you can see if someone’s late back to base, or didn’t show up for work. You can get a notification if a driver is at the local coffee shop and get your order in. You can get alerts if a vehicle is being used outside of business hours or if it is somewhere it shouldn’t be. If a client calls you can tell them where the vehicle is and when it’ll be getting to that client.

Real Time Fleet Tracking System

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Depending on what your fleet does, whether deliveries, haulage, services etc., you can get software integration tailored to your business needs. For example, you run a fleet of limousines and scheduling for your clients is everything, so your package helps you route your fleet in real-time so your drivers are never late and the customer is always happy. Similarly if your business is deliveries then how about integration that takes the heavy lifting out of planning the best routes for that day and keeps it updated throughout the day? There are many options and we can help you find the best integration for your needs.

Vehicle Tracking Solutions

Fleet vehicles lined up

If your fleet is the reason you are in business then it’s a fact that drivers are the public face of your company. Everyone has seen trucks with signs giving a phone number to call if the vehicle has a bad driver. But having some commuter call in to complain a driver put them at risk should be last thing that ever happens. With GPS tracking you can easily set up alerts to show up unsafe driver habits such as speeding, excessive acceleration and braking, driving at risk in snow or fog, or when a geographic location poses a risk to a driver like wildfires, mud slides, extreme weather and law enforcement events. You can do something about bad driving before anyone calls to complain. You get peace of mind knowing your vehicles are being tracked at all times, drivers are lot less likely to do things that would affect the whole company negatively, as well as their own livelihood.

Insurance is a necessity for any fleet. Your drivers aren’t the only people on the road, mother nature can make trouble, in short accidents can happen. Being prepared for that is a sure-fire approach to reduce risk and cost. In the event of an accident your tracking data can become crucial evidence in a claim. It can mean the difference between an expensive claim and legal hassles, or an equitable outcome. But for many fleet owners it is just the evidence of hours, weeks and months of safe driving by your guys that can keep your premiums low.

Maintenance is another factor that is better planned for than avoided. Any vehicle needs to be carefully maintained to remain cost-effective and profitable. Unexpected repairs can wreak havoc with the bottom line. GPS tracking can alert you to scheduled maintenance any way you like – by engine hours logged, time or miles traveled. You can track specific engine and drivetrain parts, make sure they get serviced and avoid catastrophic failure. All the alerts your vehicle would produce for a driver can be forwarded and acted on in real-time so you don’t have costly interruptions to your operation. Routine maintenance can be scheduled well in advance so you never have a day where all your trucks are in the shop at the same time and you’re out of business. Get the idea?

At One Step GPS we understand fleet safety. We have the vehicle tracking solutions. We’re here to help. We can get you set up quickly at a great price. We don’t do contracts and you don’t pay for the equipment. We understand integration and will help you get the information you need to ensure your fleet is on top of its game. Please contact us today.

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