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One Step GPS offers a broad array of solutions for the trucking industry

Whether you have a local fleet doing deliveries, or an international fleet transporting goods all over the US, Canada & Mexico, we can help simplify business operations, speed up your drivers, deliver actionable data and reports to help you better manage your fleet.

Not only is it useful to know location, routes, stopping times, and engine idling, but we also help you to keep up with the increasing changes, regulations, and electronic requirements of the Department of Transport and help ensure compliance across your fleet.

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GPS Tracking
GPS Tracking + ELD
Real time GPS locations 24/7/365
Turn by turn location updates
Over 20+ custom alerts & reports
Monitor fuel costs to help find discrepencies
Multiple users
Lifetime support
No contract or cancellation fees
FMCSA certified GPS device and DOT compliant ELD system
Electronic logging of miles driven for IFTA reporting
Electronic driver inspection reports
Multiple electronic data transfer options

Some of the benefits of employing ELD for electronic logs are the speed of recording, reducing human error, no longer having to stop and keep manual reports of odometer readings and miles driven in each state. Easier scheduling between fleet managers and drivers, more accurate overtime and payroll, and increased efficiency in vehicle inspection and reports, to name a few.

With the simple installation of our device, you can pair the drivers' phone or tablet and get started. Our app is easy to use and keeps up to date with all the regulations and exemptions - making it easy for your fleet to stay compliant.

ELDs communicate with a truck's engine control systems to collect VIN, engine status, RPMs, speed, engine hours, as well as provide accurate, near real-time GPS location information to a logging device or app that DOT officials can check when needed.

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Additional features

  • 100% web-based administrator portal - no software downloads and can be viewed as long as you have access to the Internet
  • iPhone and Android apps
  • View stops, parked locations, and durations in satellite or Google Maps street view
  • Risky driver behavior alerts (speeding, fast acceleration, harsh braking, engine idling)
  • Additional text and email alerts (GPS tracker has been disconnected, after-hours driving, leaving designated areas, job sites).
  • Vehicle maintenance alerts based on days or miles driven
  • Monitor fuel costs to help find discrepancies
  • Multiple users
  • Lifetime support
  • No contract or cancellation fees